To start the Armor of the Ancient Knights quest, you must be at least level 20. However, I encourage you to harvest / collect the items you need well before you reach level 20. The first part of this guide will focus on obtaining those items. You will need the following:

Aconite (4-7) – These spawn on the ground throughout the Kydi (Mayoi) and Ariaki (Ikeras) regions of Omishan. I haven’t found a great location for them, but if you quest or hunt in the area, you should regularly come across Aconite. Later on, you’ll use these flowers to make 9 Decoction of Aconite, but the process does not always destroy the flower. You may only need 1 Aconite, or you may need 9 Aconite, but the more you have, the less risk there is of needing to return.

Shadow Totem (1) – The Shadow Totem (key) is the Emblem of the Order (key) of Omishan. Any creature can drop them.

Ferrous Pyreal (13) – These can be found on the landscape throughout the Prosper (Shoushi) region of Osteth. One of the better locations for finding Ferrous Pyreal is between the Southern Prosper Outpost, Northwest Prosper Outpost, Order Kingdom Shrine, and Prosper Vault.

Ruby (8) – You will need 1 Ferrous Pyreal to complete this section of the quest. It is included in the 13 Ferrous Pyreal above. These can be mined from the Ruby Mines of Ulkas at 16.7N, 4.6W.

Shoyanen’s Solutions: Once you’ve obtained 1 Shadow Totem and 4-7 Aconite, you can speak to Orlen Jarlns outside Mayoi at 5.7S, 49.2E. If you hand him 1 Shadow Totem, he will give you 1 Alembic (alchemy still) and start you on the quest to create the infusions you will use to infuse your 8 Ruby.

Now that you have 1 Alembic, head back to Mayoi and take the Ikeras portal. From here, take the Ariaki Ringway to the Northwest Ariaki Outpost. You will then run north and swim to the island at 22.5N, 48.3E. Here, you will find the Atolu Geyser. Hand 1 Alembic to the Atolu Geyser, and receive 1 Waters of Coralen. Open your Quest Recipes panel, and create 1 Decoction of Aconite by combining 1 Aconite with 1 Waters of Atolu. Repeat this process until you have 9 Decoction of Aconite.

Return to Mayoi, then head back to Orlen Jarlns at 5.7S, 49.2E. Remember to hand him only 1 Decoction of Aconite. Orlen will take an entire stack of 9 Decoction of Aconite and not give any back. He will give you the Quest Recipe to use a Decoction of Aconite to imbue a Ruby. Follow the steps below if you do not already have 8 Ruby.

Ruby Mines of Ulkas: You’ll need an additional 1 Ferrous Pyreal to complete this section of the quest. You do not have to do this portion of the quest yourself, but if you do, you will need to be able to kill at least 1 level 23 Skeleton. Speak to Ilia Grayten outside Molwirth at 16.7N, 4.6W, and then hand her 1 Ferrous Pyreal for access to the Ruby Mines of Ulkas. Use the Ruby Mines portal to the right of Ilia Grayten. One on the mountain side, stay to the right and hug the mountainside all the way. You want to go right on the small hill behind the first mine. From here, slay 1 Skeleton and safely mine 8 Ruby.

Tombs of Artefon: The final portion of this quest is the hardest, and requires you to be level 20. Outside Molwirth at 14.3N, 3.3E you will find Tima Drokh. Speak to him to start the Tombs of Artefon quest. You will then need to investigate (double-click) the six Tombs of the Knights.

The safest way to do this is with a group of players, pulling one mob at a time. Alternatively, a lot of players choose to do “suicide runs” during this portion of the quest. This involves riding in on your mount, clicking the tomb, and getting the Hell out of Dodge as quickly as possible. Continue on until you investigated the six tombs below.

   Tomb of the Knight of the Dragon – 16.6N, 4.7E
   Tomb of the Knight of the Flame – 17.8N, 6.4E
   Tomb of the Knight of the Shield – 19.3N, 4.9E
   Tomb of the Prophet of Blades – 19.6N, 6.4E
   Tomb of the Zharalim – 20.5N, 6.9E
   Tomb of the Knight of the Unicorn – 20.5N, 5.3E

Once you’ve investigated all six tombs, return to Tima Drokh at 14.3N, 3.3E who will advance you on to the Armor of the Ancient Knights quest, which allows you to craft the armor. If you have 12 Ferrous Pyreal and 8 Imbued Ruby, you may now use the Quest Recipe panel to create your Armor of the Ancient Knight.

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