Level Requirement: 10+
Time Limit: 24 Hours
Reward: 600xp, Cobalt Glyph


Speak with Warder Corporal at (22.6N, 1.4E), west along the road from Rithwic.

He wants you to investigate the Drudge Fort on the Isle of Tears at (26.5N, 0.5E).

When you get to the fort there is a Manuscript on a table you need to pick up, then you can enter the Underground Tunnels dungeon nearby.

Navigate through the dungeon until you get to a large open room. There will be 3 Profound Drudge Mystics on the east side of the room. Kill one of them to advance the quest.

Return to the Warder Corporal after you have killed one of the Mystics and give him the Manuscript you found.