Detailed Leveling Guide

by Kazel

Posted November 16th, 2003

Last November 16th, 2003

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1) Do the newbie training grounds for level 3, then get level 4 with step 2.

2) Visit the Explorer npc near town and do the Obelisk Search Quest for 80xp and nice buffs (just follow his simple directions on what to do), then go to Arwic and use lifestone (LS) to bind your life there. Tumeroks: Take Gateway from Kehan to Arwic Lugians: from Esper to Arwik. Note that you can repeat this quest later if buffs are gone.

3) Speak to the Arwic Overseer (44.0N - 6.1W in Arwic). Head N-E to the mines. Kill a few beetles and other mobs near the mines until you get the beetle slayer incursion quest. Kill beetles inside mines while looking for the drudges. There is a solo drudge all-left inside tunnels. Easy to solo this drudge at level 5-6, kill beetles till then and the overseer quest will get you level 7. LS recall to Arwic and complete quest, take gateway from Arwic to Kehan and use LS in Kehan.

4) Speak with the Miller of Kehan in Kehan at 42.5N - 11.2E. The mines are located at 41.4N - 14.1E, 40.1N – 13.7E and 38.3N – 12.7E. LS recall and give Miller the 3 items you mined, he will give you a Massive Gear. Take gear and drop it on the broken beam in the middle of the windmill at 46.9N – 11.5E. LS recall to Kehan and finish this quest, by now you should now be level 8+. Take gateway from Kehan to Arwic and use the LS.

5) Go to the Armordillo statue at 43.6N – 7.9W and click it for a quest. LS recall back to Arwic and take the gateway to Millstone, use LS in Millstone. Take the ringway to Northwest Esper Outpost and finish this simple quest. Note that you can also take the ringway from Arwic to the Northern Arwic outpost and find plenty of Sandy Armordillos east of there. After this you should be at level 9+. LS recall back to Millstone.

6) Find the Esper Warder at 37.5N – 19.9W in Millstone. He will give you a quest to kill a Drudge Outcast Cadre. You can find them at 33.8N – 18.8W, but on your way there kill drudges and wasps until you have items with at least 20wood, 20iron and 20 crystal. Once you do, craft the item (craft > quest recipies > general) and use it to kill the Cadre. Once you do that and loot the bone, LS recall and return it to the Esper Warder. You should be level 10 by now depending on how many mobs you killed to this point.

7) At this time you want to do three easy (level 6) vaults for 800xp each. By the time you finish them, you should be around level 12 or higher.

   a) Take the Northeast Esper Outpost ringway. Then take the next ringway to Northwest Esper Outpost followed by the Southwest Esper outpost. Once there, head EAST then SOUTH to the Esper Vault located at 22.6N – 22.6W. If you do not have an Esper glyph, hunt Tanglefoot Vermin near the vault until you get one!
   b) LS recall back to Millstone and take the Gateway to Arwic and use LS. Take ringway from there to the Northern Arwic Outpost. Then take ringway to the East Arwic outpost followed by the ringway to the Southern Arwic Outpost. From there head N-E then SOUTH (around the mountain) to the Arwic Vault at 35.3N – 4.3E. If you do not have a glyph, kill Dank Vermin near the vault until you get one.
   c) LS recall back to Arwic and take the Gateway to Kehan. Take ringway from there to the Northwest Lost Wish Outpost. Then hop into ringway to Northeast Lost Wish Outpost followed by the ringway to the Southeast Lost Wish outpost. From here head N-E to the Lost Wish Vault located at 49.2N – 22.5E. If you do not have a glyph, kill Dank Vermin near the vault until you get one. 

8) LS recall back to Arwic and take the Gateway to Cragstone followed by the Gateway to Rithwic and use LS. Note that even though you have a quest called “Cragstone Excavation”, it is not worth doing as the exp earned is not worth the effort! Once here talk to the Warder Scout located at 24.9N – 3.8E. He will send you to a drudge camp almost directly north of town, it is located at 28.1N – 3.9E. Once there, you need to kill the Drudge Slinker Bandit and loot the notebook from his corpse and return it to the warder scout. This guy is easy to kill, but the trick is getting him alone. LS recall back to Rithwic.

9) You should be around level 12-13 at this point. Here are a few things that you can do at this time. Some you can solo, some will require a fellowship (group) or nice buffs. I put these in the order that I do them, and note that the only time I need to group is for Mad Crone Vault and Drudge Citadel Vault.

Also note that to do “Potion Raid Quest”, you will need an Asherons Sigil (drops off mobs or is a reward for the Illuminated Manuscript Quest). You can ask around and try to buy one, or simply do that quest.

   a) Curse of the Undead (Mounts) – You can do the first two with a fellowship. See quest guides. Mobs are level 6 – 9.
   b) Three Doctrines – Easy task quest (no killing) for 1000xp and +50 vigor permanently, but it is in a dangerous area. Get a horse and it should be easy. Head to Cavendo (rithwic to cavendo). Once in cavendo take ringway to Southwest Drudge Citadel Outpost, from there head S-W to the Spirit of Artefun located at 12.3N – 12.2E. Speak to it, then head SOUTH to 7.8N – 12.5E Order of Dereth Kingdom Stone and click it. Head N-E to 9.4N – 15.6E and click the Shadow Kingdom Stone. From here head S-E to the Dominion Kingdom stone located at 7.9N – 18.8E. Go back to Artefun and give him the three books for the reward. NOTE: Be sure to click the Kingdom stones and NOT the Kingdom shrines. LS back to Rithwic.
   c) Mad Crone Vault 3200xp (with fellowship) – Take the Mad Crone ringway twice and you should be at the Northeast Mad Crone outpost. From here head west to the vault, if you do not have a glyph, kill Drudge Slinkers until you get one. The boss mob is level 14 with 1100hp. LS recall to Rithwic.
   d) Drudge Potion Raid (2500xp) – Use LS in Cavendo and take Citadel ringway twice and you should be at NW drudge citadel outpost. From here run EAST to the warders hideout. Once inside, take all lefts until you arrive at the warder captain. He will send you to get a Drudge potion from a chest inside the drudge fort at 19.5N – 21.0E. Once complete, you will have access to the warder cache. Open the warder cache using an Asherons Sigil and take the Moonstone Activation Crystal. Hunt in the area and obtain an Osteth Emblem for your weapon type choice. Once you have it and the moonstone, you are ready to do the soulbound weapon quest!
   e) Osteth Soulbound Weapons (7500xp) and nice weapon – Note you must have done the potion raid quest and have the moonstone activation crystal and an osteth emblem of your choice. Shoushi to Prosper Ringway to Northwest Forest. Run east to 6.0N – 6.2E and talk to Tamar to begin the quest. He will send you to the weapons golum (east of there). Give the golem the moonstone activation crystal, then give him a weapon emblem. You should be around level 17.
   f) Cobalt Vault (4500xp) – Go to Cragstone then Molwirth and use LS, head WEST to the vault. If you do not have a glyph, kill Drudge Slinkers near the vault until you get one. The boss mob is level 14 with 1100hp. Once inside the vault, you will need to kill a Cobalt Robber for the key to get into the Vestibule. Solo-able at 17
   g) Mist Opal Quest (800xp) – Back to molwirth and head to 14.1N – 0.5E and speak to the Mist Shrine. Follow the path WEST to the Mist Caverns. Once inside work your way down to the fountain and give it your cracked opal, then return the result to the shrine back in Molwirth. 800xp and Opal Boots (vigor reduce). LS back to Molwirth.
   h) In Cavendo see Kanten for various quests worth ~1000xp and gold!
   i) Slavetakers Head (4000xp) (lvl 14-23 mobs) – Head to shoushi and follow the ringway to the eastern prosper outpost. Head west to the drudge heretic camp and talk to the heretic. He will send you to kill a slavetaker and loot its head (they are near the king toad idol). Return it to him for 4,000xp and a toadfang ring. Save 13 Ferrous Pyreals!
   j) Rashan’s Revenge (4000xp + 6000xp) (mob levels 14-23) – Head to Rashan Twoblades just south west of Cavendo. The prowler, robber, mystic and scowl drudges are near him. The gloom drudge can be found further west or in the valley north of Northwest Drudge Citadel Outpost. The final two can be found near the drudge fort. After completing this quest click Rashan again and do the simple “Burun Despoilment” quest. All you need to do is click three idols west of him, then return for another 6,000xp. Note that this second part is only available if you are level 15+. 

10) You should be level 19-20 by now. Time to do the Drudge Citadel Vault for 12000xp! Take the Drudge Citadel ringway at Cavendo to the southwest outpost then once more to the northwest drudge citadel outpost. Run north through the pass, then east/south-east to the vault. If you do not have a glyph, it is dropped by gloom/mystic drudges in the area. Once inside, kill a drudge watchmen for the key to the vestibule. The vault boss is level 21 with 2400hp.

11) Time to switch islands! Head to Cavendo and take gateway to Kydi Delta (Omishan). Once here there are many things to do, including the Kydi vault. I suggest going to [] and read “Quest Guides” and decide what you feel like doing. Once you are level ~24, you should fellow up and head back to the old island and finish off the Prosper Vault and Armor of the Ancient Knights, then come back to your new home in Omishan. Ikeras, Mayoi, or Zu are good places to use the LS here. I prefer Mayoi since I can get anywhere fast. Some ideas on what to do here:

   - Sanguine Fang – (17+) 6500xp
   - Kydi (19+) 12000xp, Ariaki (24+) 60000xp, and Lumari Vaults (27+) 120000xp
   - Akkilea Quest Series (20+) in Zu for various quests that give 10000-25000xp
   - Broken Totem Quest in Ikeras (20+) 10000xp
   - Fetich incursion (Bound Fetich Spawn) 64000xp. Easy with a good group.
   - Egg Hunt in Mayoi (20+) 10000xp (5000 per egg type)
   - Sclavus Hierophan’t Cabals (very hard at 20+) 60000xp and nice necklace!
   - Prosper Vault on Osteth (21+ boss is 23 w/3100hp) 20000xp
   - Armor of the Ancient Knights (20+ but very hard at that level) 50000xp & Nice armor
   - Moarsman’s Curse (25+) 80000xp, need a GOOD STRONG group!
   - The Great Tree in Rakani (26+) 50000xp
   - Cleanse the Burial+Vengence for Unaro (26+) 65000xp and NICE WEAPON (replaces osteth soulbound magic weapons)
   Some tips:
       * Kill bloodstones or ask a high level/patron for an Ichor. This will give you a nice HP regen, quaff it just before a vault boss fight! This is how people solo vaults ;)
       * While doing fets, if you see a high level doing moarsmen he/she will sometimes join your fellowship. He/she wont take any exp from your group since they won't be killing fets :) What they will be doing is getting everyone in the fellowship that is level 25+ 80000xp for free... You don't need to be anywhere near the person while they are doing moarsmen, but you will get the exp for it if your not on the timer and are 25+. WARNING: Dont beg people to do this! It's rude... But I am pointing it out because some people will do it for their vassels.
       * Speaking of fets, personally I hate it because people don't have patience. It's not uncommon for some to blow off the group while looking for a bound :( And so many people do this quest that bound is kinda rare. If you cant find a bound fetich, I suggest you and your group setup camp at the root shrine (or nearby) and kill mobs to force a bound spawn. Any exp is good exp, and if after 30 mins no bound, its time to start killing off the spawns so that one might pop.
       * If you do the above in order, you will have your osteth soulbound weapon at level 15. This makes it MUCH easier to do the remaining hunting from 15-19!
       * Some good links: