Part I: Levels 1-7 Osteth

Finding Your Way: You'll need to make your way to the map coordinates listed below. For your current coordinates, you can click on the blue radio button on your compass in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. (On the default keyboard, you can bring up your compass with F2 if it's not showing up.) For more detail, hit the "M" button (again, if you have the default keyboard setting) or click on the Map icon in the lower left-hand corner. By checking the Lock to Player check box below the map, you'll center the map on your current location and show your current coordinates. For further details on navigation, open the Help menu with F1.

Minimum Level: Each of the following descriptions lists the minimum level for attempting the quest. That doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to finish the quest at that level, but when you start the quest, you'll get further details about what you're required to do. Unless otherwise noted, a character can complete these quests by playing solo, but, as always, your chances of survival and success increase dramatically if you're working with an effective Fellowship. Happy hunting!

Arwic Obelisk Search (1st): Near Arwic, you'll find a Human standing at 45.7N 7.8W. (If you've generated a Human character, this is near the exit point from the Human shelter.) The Explorer will bestow a quest on you to find a series of Obelisks. While leaping through the nearest Ringway, you'll tag a series of obelisks, each of which bestows a temporary buff.

Lost Wish Obelisk Search (1st): Near Kehan, you'll see a Tumerok standing at 43.9N, 11.3E. (If you've generated a Tumerok character, this is near the exit point from the Tumerok Shelter.)Speaking to this Tumerok will grant you a quest like the Arwic Obelisk search, but through a different Ringway.

Esper Obelisk Search (1st): Near the Northeast Esper Outpost, you'll find a Lugian standing at 45.5N, 14.6W who will grant you a quest. (If you've generated a Lugian character, this is near the exit point from the Lugian shelter.) This quest works like the last two; if you like, you can run through all three of them. Each of the Obelisk quests will teach you how to use your compass and navigate Ringways.

Armoredillo Doom (2nd): Travel west of Arwic, then click on the Ancestor Head at 43.6N, 7.9W. You'll begin a quest to find and destroy ten Sandy Armoredillos before the quest timer runs out. (Spawn of Sandy Armoredillos near the statue, also can find them near NW Esper [Millstone] and NW Lost Wish [Kehan})

Beetle Slayer (2nd): You'll have to hunt down a Bold Vermin Pilferer to start this quest. If he drops a Beetle Slayer potion, you can drink it to start this quest. You must hunt down ten Edge Beetles before the quest timer runs out.

Wasp Bane (2nd): You'll have to hunt down a Brave Crawlspace Vermin to start this quest. If he drops a Wasp Bane potion, you can drink it to start this quest. You'll need to hunt down ten Green Phyntos Wasps before the quest timer runs out.

Arwic Overseer (3rd): Talk to the Arwic Explorer, a Human standing at 44.0N 6.1W. You'll be descending into the New Arwic mines to kill Drudges and retrieve a Crude Flat Hammer. As part of this quest, you'll learn the basics of crafting.

Miller of Kehan (5th): Talk to the Miller of Kehan, a Human standing at 42.5N 11.2E. She'll send you south to mine iron, wood, and stone, which she can use to craft replacement gear for a windmill to the north.

Drudge Outcast Camp (7th): Travel to Millstone and talk to the Esper Warder, a Human standing at 37.5N 19.9W. He'll show you how to craft a Drudge Slayer weapon, which you'll use to hunt the Drudge Outcast Cadre. By retrieving a bone from a dead Drudge Outcast, you'll finish the quest.

Part II: Levels 9-15 Osteth

From this point on, Osteth's quests become deadlier. Some of them are dangerous enough that you'll want to form a Fellowship somewhere along the way. As you continue to level up your character, you'll probably want to run through some of these quests repeatedly. Each time you complete a quest, click on the Completed tab within your Quest panel to see how much time must elapse before you can attempt the quest again. (If you fail a quest, check under the Failed tab to see how much time must elapse.) Many times, you can simply check the Quest panel again the next day to see if the timer has reset.

Cragstone Excavation (9th): You'll probably need to form a Fellowship to complete this quest early in the game. You begin it by speaking to the Cragstone Warder, a Human standing at 32.2N 12.5W. She'll send you into the Old Cragstone Excavation, where you'll hunt down three pieces of the Cragstone Library Seal. Inside the library is a set of Blueprints (sitting on a stool), which you must bring back to the warder.

Rat Smasher (9th): You'll have to hunt down a Dustin Grutt Rathunter to start this quest. If he drops a Rat Smasher Charm, you can snatch it to start this quest. You'll need to hunt down ten Tanglefoot Vermin and ten Dank Vermin before the quest timer runs out.

Mist Opal (10th): Travel to Molwirth, then double-click on the Mist Shrine at 14.1N, 0.5E. You'll be taking a Cracked Opal to the nearby Mist Caverns. Descend into the caverns, heal the Opal in a fountain within it, and then return it to the shrine to complete the quest.

Broth of Tanacha (10th): Seek the Cauldron of Tanacha; it's at 29.7N 20.2E. You'll need to hunt down five specific creatures (a Shear Beetle, Carrion Shreth, Reedshark Elder, Fierce Sandy Armoredillo, and Hamekh Scraven) and retrieve a specific item from each one. Bring them back to the Cauldron, and you'll complete the quest.

Three Doctrines (11th): Travel southeast of Molwirth to find the Spirit of Artefun at 12.3N 12.2E. You must double-click on the Kingdom Stones for the Order of Dereth (7.8N, 12.5E), the Shadow Kingdom (9.4N, 15.6E), and the Dominion (7.8N, 18.8E). Each time you double-click on a stone, you'll receive a doctrinal tract. By retrieving the three doctrines of these Kingdoms, and bringing them to Artefun, you can complete this quest. You can only do this quest once.

Isle of Tears (12th): Find the Warder Corporal at 22.6N, 1.4E, west of Rithwic. You'll be swimming to the north to raid and investigate a Drudge fort on an island. The Warder recommends that you form a Fellowship for the adventure that follows.

Warder Scout's Notebook (13th): Outside Rithwic, find the Warder Scout at 24.9N, 3.8E. He'll send you north to retrieve a stolen notebook from a Drudge fort. Return the notebook, and you'll finish the quest.

Drudge Potion Raid (14th): After you've completed the last quest, find the Warder Captain. He's inside the Warder Hideout Dungeon at 20.5N, 13.9E. He'll send you to a fort near the Drudge Citadel Vault. You'll need to raid the fort, slay one of the guards, take a key off his fallen body, and use the key to open a chest nearby. Inside the chest is a potion you must return to the Warder Captain.

Illuminated Manuscript (15th): Travel south of Shoushi to find Dantry, the First Warder, at 7.4N, 15.4E. You'll be raiding another dungeon, but this time you'll be retrieving an Illuminated Manuscript. You don't need to kill all the creatures guarding it to finish the quest, but you do need to survive long enough to grab the manuscript. Dantry recommends that you join a fellowship to finish this task.

Slavetaker's Head (15th): You'll need to be 13th level to start this quest, but you'll have to run past some much more powerful monsters to get to its starting point! Find the Drudge Heretics at 0.6N, 18.9E and talk to one of them. They'll send you to a spawning ground near the King Toad Idol. You must kill one of the Burun Slavetakers there (getting credit for the kill) and take his head. The Slavetaker is a 23rd-level creature, so you'll probably need a Fellowship to finish this quest.

Rashan's Revenge (15th): West of Cavendo, talk to the ghost of Rashan Two-Blades at 15.3N, 23.7E. He'll send you on a quest to kill seven specific types of Drudges. Return to him to receive your reward.

Burun Despoilment (15th): After finishing the last quest, double-click on the ghost of Rashan Two-Blades again at 15.3N, 23.7E. You'll have one hour to touch a series of three idols and return to the spectre…without dying.

Conquering Osteth

While you're conquering Osteth, you'll also want to investigate the Vaults that are scattered throughout those lands. Many of the quests in the series we've hinted at here bestow Glyphs when you complete them, along with the coordinates of the Vaults they unlock. In addition to the experience reward and back story you get from completing a quest, if you complete all seven you'll be rewarded with the ability to recall to the Cragstone nexus.

Part III: Levels 17-31 Omishan

Once you're at least 15th level, you'll be able to leap through one of two portals into Omishan. The first is in Cavendo; the second is near Shoushi. After you leap through the portal, hunting on this continent makes for a nice change of pace from Osteth. The scenery is different, populated by strange and exotic monsters. As you learn to travel the continent's Ringways, you'll uncover the following series of quests. Even if you already know your way around, some players trap themselves in an endless loop of multiple incursion quests instead of exploring—consider some of the quests you haven't tried yet!

Each of the quest descriptions provided below includes the minimum level to begin the quest, directions to its starting point (if any), and a brief description of what you'll do. For the most part, these descriptions are spoiler-free; you can find more detailed walkthroughs and strategies on various fan sites. Many of these quests will require you to form a Fellowship if you aren't significantly more powerful than the quest's minimum level. Good hunting!

Sanguine Fang (17th): Don't expect to find this quest right away. To begin it, you'll need to kill a Kachem Mimbu (a 21st-level creature) and loot its fallen body for a rare drop: the Sanguine Fang Unguent. As in some of Osteth's lower-level tasks, you must drink the potion to start the quest. You'll have to kill ten Aste Sclavus and five Esse Sclavus. One of the best hunting grounds for these creatures is the Darkness Dungeon, found west of Mayoi at 7.2S, 40.7E.

Broken Totem (20th): This quest begins near a desecrated shrine just outside Ikeras; it's on your map at 9.3N, 62.0E. After running cross-country to the Darkenfowl Pens (9.2N, 50.4E), you'll descend underground to retrieve a lost gem. (You may want to use the V key to highlight the names of monsters and items to make finding it easier.) You must either carry this heavy gem back to the shrine or protect someone in your Fellowship who can. When you complete this quest, you'll get a long-term speed buff called "Vakentu's Haste." This buff is useful enough that many adventurers like to repeat this quest, getting a fresh buff just before the previous one runs out.

Darkenfowl Egghunt (20th): Travel to Mayoi and speak to Akhr the Egg Collector (5.7S, 44.3E). He'll send you on two quests, both set in the Deep Darkenfowl Roosts (7.2N, 47.9E). First, you must retrieve an egg from a Deep Darkenfowl; then you'll return to get an egg from a Chthonic Darkenfowl. Finishing the both legs of the quest requires two separate trips to the dungeon.

Lord Eeruk's Treasury (20th): Like Sanguine Fang, this quest starts when you find a rare drop. You'll need to kill a Seeker Faisi Sclavus and loot if for an Amulet of Seeking. The quest will send you to some Deep Dank Tunnels (at 23.3N, 66E). When you've killed Lord Eeruk and looted his treasury, you'll have finished the quest.

Sclavus Hierophant's Cabals (20th): Travel to Ikeras and speak to Seskri the Sclavus Scholar (10.3N 62.2E). You'll be sent on a quest to raid four camps of Sclavi, each more powerful than the last. Each one guards a different species of Sclavus Preceptor; when you loot the Preceptor, you'll retrieve a talisman. Collecting all four talismans opens the way to the Sclavus Hierophant Temple (8.8N, 67.9E). Raid the temple, kill the last Preceptor, and return to Seskri with its talisman to complete the quest.

Moarsman's Curse (25th): Along with Fetich Incursions, this is one of the most popular quests for a Fellowship after 25th level. First, you must kill a Moarsman Chief. (You'll find some useful hunting grounds near the Eastern Vesayan Outpost.) He'll curse you with his dying breath. To break the curse, you'll need to hunt two Browerk Buruns, five Broodu Buruns, five Ruruk Buruns, and the Browerk Burun Chief. (Most of them can be found north of the Four Falls Overlook, 6.7S, 88.6E.) When the last creature is slain, everyone in your Fellowship will earn XP; some Fellowships split up into incursion groups while running this quest.

Mucor Mushroom Hunt (25th): Travel to Ankoro and speak to Adesar the Mushroom Collector (28.7N, 71.8E). He'll send you on two trips to the Mucor Mushroom Grotto (29.6N, 82.8E). On the first journey, you'll retrieve a "gland" as a drop from a Degenerate Mucor Sporesower. Return the gland, and he'll show you a quest recipe. Complete the recipe and he'll send you back to retrieve a gland from a Devolved Mucor Sporesower. Use the last recipe Adesar teaches you and you'll complete the quest.

Great Deru Tree (25th): Near Rakani, you'll see the towering Great Deru Tree. Climb to the top and double-click the shrine hidden up there to begin your quest. You must run through the surrounding countryside, activating another three shrines: the Shrine of the Leaf (34.0N, 51.3E), Shrine of the Root (37.7N, 60.5E), and Shrine of the Limb (33.8N, 69.2E). Return to the Deru Tree Shrine, and you'll receive a talisman and complete the quest.

Slay the Shrethwarden (25th): Travel to Rakani and talk to Kiral (27.3N, 55.6E). He'll send you to the Shreth Spawning Pit (31.3N, 59.4E). You'll fight your way through a dungeon of Shreth and Burun, and past those creatures you'll find a Burun Doorkeeper. After defeating him, you'll find a key on his corpse that will allow you access to the lair of the Shrethwarden. His pet Dark Hunter Shreth will oppose you, but if you overcome him and bring back his head, Kiral will reward you.

Cleanse the Burial (25th): Talk to the Spirit of Hakemi at Unaro's Burial Ground (7.0N 68.4E). You'll be tasked to retrieve "ichor" looted from three monsters: a Opor Nifflis, Glissana Nifflis, and Listris Nifflis. Retrieve all three, and you'll be sent to hunt down the ichor of an Opor Nefane.

Darkstone (31st): Speak to the Ancestor Head (31.2N 93.1E) at the Northest Farali Outpost. You must go to the Choker (23.6N, 82.3E), kill a Gurog Emissary, and loot a Darkstone. Return to the Ancestor Head with your stone. You'll find that your quest isn't quite over yet…and of course, we wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you.

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