Rescue the Shelter Hold: This is the first quest in-game that you'll encounter and is relatively straightforward. There are 10 Training Stones in the shelter that will provide you will information on the basic gameplay of Asheron's Call 2. First talk to the Shelter Guard, then the Shelter Sentry.

This will be your first foray into combat. Use the '~' key to auto-attack. Loot the Imbued Digging Tool from the corpse of a Drudge Digger, and seek out the Shelter Scout. Turn in the quest item by dragging and dropping the item from your 'b' inventory and handing it to the NPC. Loot a Menhir Glyph from the corpse of a Drudge Sentinel, then head to the end of the dungeon. Double-click the glyph, then use it on the Mehnir Portal.

In the final section, you will speak to the Advance Shelter Scout, then head down the hallway and double-click the Menhir Shard.